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Helping Service Providers be Successful

Experts in accelerating Product Management to better serve Sales and Account Teams in Client Life-cycle Management

Helping transform Configuration Pricing and Quoting (CPQ) to Cash.

"Staying still is effectively moving backwards in the services sector..."

Our Services

Discover, assess & advise, taking care to understand your business it's current state and challenges relating to product to cash & Client life-cycle management. Our aim is to provide the best advice we can including readiness for change.

vivo vivosupport cpq vendira

Tiered ongoing expert assistance and support service to help with ongoing maintenance, system releases and expert product packaging, unburdening your people to be great at what they do whilst accelerating time to sales launch.

vivo vivosupport cpq vendira
vivo vivosupport cpq vendira

Expert resources engaging and working closely with your people to help deliver CPQ system whilst helping transform process, organisation, systems, content and client life-cycle management, including support for transitioning to live.


Bespoke point education sessions for new or existing people, including one to one coaching.

vivo vivosupport cpq vendira

Problems we help solve

Value In Value Out Services 

Our Services are underpinned by "vivo" our value in value out execution methodology, built from many years of experience in complex IT managed services sector, we appreciate outcomes are generally as good as the input used to get there and that systems are as good as their content.


Discovery, assessment and advice along with support in building vision and business case development.

vivo vivosupport cpq vendira
vivo vivosupport cpq vendira

Expert resources helping accelerate the realisation of your vision.


Scoped Product Management, Service Development and CPQ engagements.

vivo vivosupport cpq vendira

Ongoing expert support and maintenance of CPQ systems and content.

vivo vivosupport cpq vendira

Bespoke point education sessions for new or existing people.

We believe fundamental to service provider success is the transformation ​of Product Management through Configure Price Quote to Cash capability, unburdening your people & unleashing a new future of sales performance, while caring about client solution life-cycle & financial management.


  • Dissatisfaction with quoting and offerings

  • Higher than expected risk of attrition & staff retention 

  • Ineffective monetisation of service capability

  • Friction riddled Product Management through CPQ to Cash 

  • M&A integration impacting effective unified cross & up-selling

  • Leaking revenue & profit

  • Stalling growth, struggling to compete

Product Management

  • Resource constraints stalling go to market

  • Poorly defined, limited and out of date offerings

  • Challenged with packaging new services

  • Poor cost & price management

  • Ineffective "see me for pricing" sales launches

What is Configure Price Quote (CPQ)?

CPQ is an industry term for software applications that enable your business to package product and services into structured portfolios for sales. Enabling rapid, accurate Configuration of both simple and complex products. Allowing for efficient Pricing, quality Quoting leading to structured order processing and handover to service delivery to Cash. CPQ is as key to your business as CRM (Client Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, in fact CPQ is the glue between them.


Gartner estimates that market revenue for configure, price and quote software was approximately $878 million in 2016, with growth of 20% per year expected through 2020


CPQ is now mainstream due to exponential expansion of technology enablers, higher rate of product releases and ever-increasing expectations. Well packaged product & quality process leading to improved people enablement is essential for great business performance.


What is PLM

sales & Client Account 

  • Opportunity loss & time waste

  • Lack of catalogue

  • Poor sales pipeline reporting

  • Poor Client engagements

  • Lack of value adding current services

  • Poor time to produce & accuracy of quotes

  • Complex error-prone spreadsheets

  • Burdened people, manual low-value activity

  • Constrained pre-sales resources 

  • Poor understanding of client commercial entitlement / install base

Delivery to Cash

  • Poor specification of works &  handovers into service delivery 

  • Constant discovery of missing BOM items

  • Inability to automate from sales output

  • Problematic feeds to billing 

  • Lack of billing clarity

  • Lack of clarity on service entitlement 

  • Lack of revenue reporting

Ready to find out more?

Contact us to find out more, and arrange a free consultation our team thrive in making a positive difference, and to exceed expectations. We start with understanding your business, it's strategy and current challenges to see how our services may help you in transforming to a better place.

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