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Vendira Ltd, Registration 11340642, VAT 306267220, London, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 203 475 9870

vivoAssist is a set of add on point services designed to review, optimise, modernise and help accelerate product launches.

Health-check and optimisation

A tailored carefully scoped​ engagement to review CPQ systems, process and operating model, validating against corporate goals and expectations. We will perform a heat-map engaging with process owners, end users to understand your portfolios, products, general adoption, user experience, CPQ platform and process. We will look at how you can better leverage your platform, and other areas for improvement, both quick win and longer term. The end result is an action plan to help better enable your people and streamline your business operation. This could be a live running system or a review of an in-flight troublesome implementation initiative.


Portfolio packaging

At times all you may need is expert resource to outsource some point portfolio and product packaging or modelling to, Vendira can provide point engagements subject to an initial discovery and scoping engagement.

Portfolio packaging

Vendira can also support any strategic product to cash road-mapping and envisioning, bringing valuable CPQ experience and expertise to the table.