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vivoAssist provides point engagements designed to help accelerate productisation through to sales launch, this could involve.

"On-Tap" Productisation

Expert assistance helping accelerate product management and service capability development from strategy, through concept and service definition to packaging for Sales. Vendira can provide "on-tap" services subject to scope. See our service fact sheet for more information.

Packaging for CPQ 

Scoped engagements to CPQ package new or ​transition and transform current spreadsheet-based CPQ to formal CPQ systems, helping maximise the benefit of your existing CPQ investment.

Service Design, Solution Audits and Runbooks

Expert service design and operational readiness assistance for those complex managed service solutions. We work with you and your partners to define new and refining existing service solutions and operating models. We are able to audit existing solutions against contractual commitments along with vendor and industry best practice. This can lead to assisting you in fixing up, production of solution run books and operational briefing sessions for operational services teams.

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