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Founded in 2018, Vendira (Latin for “to sell”) was born from many years of working within the IT managed services industry. Since being found, we have had a passion to better enable technology-focused service providers to sell and deliver superior client service throughout their clients’ lifecycle.


Through our experience, we have recognised that there is a set of closely interlinked challenges that providers face today. If not addressed, these can result in poor performance, client and staff dissatisfaction which ultimately has a negative impact on revenues. These are:


  • Building and maintaining a quality current and relevant portfolio that can be delivered on, a challenge in today's world of unprecedented innovation.

  • The need to be sales competitive, highly productive, financially healthy and be well informed in making both design and sales decisions.

  • The need to consistently deliver client value and quality client service throughout the client life-cycle.

  • The need to create a working environment where people are unburdened and truly enabled to perform, not battling content, process and systems in get a product, order or quote out the door.


Our mission is to help technology-based service providers perform better through improving Product Management through Configure Price Quote (CPQ) to Cash operating model, process, portfolio, and systems while caring about service delivery, operations and quality client life-cycle management.


We achieve this by providing consultancy, resourcing, implementation, ongoing assistance, maintenance and tailored CPQ education services, see our services page for further information.


Our Values are simple for us. We believe in doing the right thing and being experts in our field. Our client's success is our success.

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