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Service & solution providers

If you are a service provider we can help. From IT services through to software services, we could be just what you are looking for to help evolve your service offerings, quoting capability along with financial reporting and governance. Our strength comes from our heritage within complex IT managed service providers, we understand the importance of well-defined product, product education, quality well-governed sales engagements including effective handover into service delivery and most importantly of all effective client solution life-cycle management.

Technology providers

For software and technology providers we understand the importance of ever growing portfolio of products and a need to enable your sales teams and partners in selling that portfolio. Do away with the ever more challenging spreadsheets and troublesome sales launches, allow us to help you realise a new improved future.

Internal IT for Large Enterprises

For large enterprises managing entitlement and the commercial implications can be very challenging, for those companies that want to standardise, have good governance, and take back commercial control we can help you.

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