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Navigating Microsoft 365 Modern Work Services Offerings
And.. the opportunity within..

As is increasingly evident with today's challenges, it's paramount for businesses to enable their workforce and be secure in doing so.


Microsoft continues to make a significant investment in better enabling and securing the workforce with arguably the most capable and secure end-to-end workplace offering out there.


Therein lies the challenge of understanding Microsoft's extensive workplace offerings and forming your services... it's no mean feat. Businesses are reliant on IT service providers more than ever to inform, advise and proactively manage this evolving modern cloud-based capability. 

This resource will help IT providers make the right commercially informed decisions and get the most from any investment, we at Vendira aim to update this as Microsoft evolve their offerings.


If your a service provider and want to evolve or better monetise and package your service capability get in touch with us at Vendira, its what we live for.

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SKU Updates for Office 365 Business


Microsoft's extensive product range is certainly hard to understand..

  • "O365 Business" with less features than "O365 Business Essentials"

  • "O365 Business" different to "Microsoft 365 Business"

  • "Microsoft 365 Business" more feature rich than "O365 Business Premium"

As of 21st April 2020 things get easier, combining into NEW Microsoft 365 Business Tiers


Many businesses are not fully benefiting from their investment by only using the basics of what they are entitled to and at times doubling up on technology without realising it. 

  • Are you providing your customers with the right value-adding service?

  • Are you monetising this service opportunity?

  • Is your outsourced IT service provider informing and advising you or reselling and waiting for your support calls?

  • Are you aware of the extensive capability provided within Microsoft's offerings and how this should shape your services provided?

The value IT Service Providers can provide, should not be underestimated,  as with anything providing the right service needs careful consideration.

Based on our view of many UK service providers, most are still in the mode of license resale with the basics setup leading onto reactionary based support services. Is this really good enough for today's businesses?

Few are providing quality client engagement, continually informing and advising, helping keep abreast of Microsoft's modern lifecycle management and make the most of any investment.

Rob Stainsby, Helping Service Providers be succesful

How good is the service you are providing?

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