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The problems we help solve..

With our focus and heritage in the managed service provider space, we understand the problems providers face in today's ever-evolving world, coupled with the drive to do more and better with less cost. Here is a flavour of typical problems we help solve:

  • Out of date service offerings, struggling to be relevant and differentiated

  • Resource constraints becoming a blocker for new service developments

  • Lack of standardisation leading to dissatisfaction, issues with staff retention and Client attrition

  • Costly and over-running productisation and service capability development initiatives

  • Dissatisfaction with time and accuracy of quotes, leading to negative Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Struggling to get the best from your sales teams and product managers

  • Experiencing Product and SKU sprawl, lack of clarity on standard products and services

  • Complex spreadsheet-based Configure Price Quote solutions consuming valuable time, typically from pre-sales!

  • Cannot properly life-cycle manage Client accounts, lack of trusted install base

  • Product managers struggling to sales launch products to enable sales and downstream service delivery

Get the best from your product through CPQ to cash capability

At Vendira we understand that a quality product management and CPQ capability supported by appropriate business process and organisational operating model results in significantly higher performance. We are well versed in the challenges of product development and CPQ implementations, we understand the challenge of ongoing maintenance and continual evolution of product, systems, process and organisations. We intimately understand the importance of quality client solution life-cycle management and the benefits that can be achieved. We provide you with expertise and experience, supporting and guiding you in forming and realising your future vision to unleash an array of businesses benefits, from quicker time to market, revenue growth, improved cost control to more efficient scaling of your business.

We care about your business

We care to understand our clients business, it's strategy, clients, organisation, process and offerings. We care to understand your current state and readiness for change. We thrive in helping you rapidly deal with product to cash challenges, unburdening your people to be great at what they do and achieve a higher performing business.

We understand today's challenges

Today your teams face an ever-increasing challenge of quickly bringing on new and life-cycling existing services to market both standard and non-standard client driven. With the growth of cloud services, this challenge is exponentially growing, sales teams require enabling to simplify the complex, to rapidly configure, price, quote, order and deliver what can be a large mix of service, utility metered and non-utility products into a new or existing client solution. Businesses need to unburden their people to be great for their Clients whilst providing a work environment to flourish and thrive not to strive and struggle.

We can help you perform

We have extensive experience and skills to enable you, we have structured engagement methods and are maniacally focused on what we do. This enables you to benefit from our experience in the scope of product life-cycle management through to Configure Price Quote, order processing to Cash. We are strongest for complex technology and IT service provider businesses as that is where we grew up.

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