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Vendira Ltd, Registration 11340642, VAT 306267220, London, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 203 475 9870

Vendira understand the challenges of business change regarding redefining product to cash capability including Configure Price Quote (CPQ) systems  implementation and how wide the associated transformation is. We bring a wealth of experience an expertise supported by our vivo "value in value out" methodology. The typical journey we take with our clients looks like this:

Pre-sales, we work to understand your business, it's strategy, we develop a high level understanding of your products, services and your current organisational state with regards to product through CPQ to cash. We will assess any known visions and your readiness for change. Once understood and assessed we will then propose a vivoAdvise service proposal.

vivoAdvise, this service is intended as the pre-curser to rapid business change and CPQ systems implementation via vivoTransformation. VivoAdvise supports you with creating the environment for successful business change, business case production and building a common vision which has the right level of support. It will include a scoping and objective setting exercise through discovery and engagement of key stakeholders. We will identify and assess constraints, along with agreeing a preliminary road-map from first minimal viable release and beyond. We will advise on the change approach, along with the resources required to realise the change.